New futon = improved tiny house functionality

We decided to change things up in the living room. Before we were using a knopparp loveseat from Ikea. It was nice because it was really small and cheap. Unfortunately it wasn’t very comfortable and we didn’t really have a good sleeping option for guests/grandmas.  (Old knopparp loveseat as seen in our video)

So we decided to switch to an armless futon which can serve as a larger sofa with more storage underneath, a seat for our table, and a guest bed. Plus it’s more comfortable.

Last night we had an overnight guest, our friend Luke, so he was the first to try it out. According to him it wasn’t bad, though we might try to get a mattress topper to make it more comfortable as a bed.

Shannon getting some work done on the new futon.


luke making the bed



luke trying out some sleeping positions


next morning breakfast. using the couch as a dining seat. not as good as a chair but it’ll work.

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Our Tiny House Tour video

Now that we’ve been in the Tiny House for a few months we finally spent some time putting together this video tour of the house. Enjoy!

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Tiny House Chat

A few weeks ago on the podcast Casting Pod with Pete and Andy, I was interviewed by Andy all about the Tiny House. I thought I’d share.

Also, if you enjoyed that chat, you should consider subscribing to the podcast: Casting Pod with Pete and Andy

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Dad and I before the Super Bowl. Did we plan to have the tiny house be Seahawks colored? No, but we should have!

Ken relaxing after a fun time installing our huge microwave/convection oven.

Our first night in the tiny house!

Shannon making breakfast.

Got our new 28″ smart TV mounted and operational. Works well.

Our kitchen sink faucet that we purchased on Craigslist broke and neither Lowes nor Ace in town had the right replacement part. So we splurged and got a beautiful new faucet.

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Moving the tiny house

Of course the day we decided to move it we set a record for rainfall. But it all worked out and we successfully moved it the 80+ miles from Marysville to Steilacoom.

Pre-move: brother-in-law Josh (above) and father-in-law Ken helped me prepare a gravel pad for the tiny house to park on.

Decided to put up a little wind-block to keep wind from getting under the roof during the move (Thankfully the roof stayed on).

Tiny house on the road. Ken borrowed a dump truck to make towing the house a breeze. We are super thankful that he, a professional driver, was willing and able to pull out tiny house.

Tiny house in its new spot.

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since trim is the one thing you can’t really cover with trim we decided to hire it out. Big thanks to Chad from Lambert Gray Kithchen and Bath for doing such a nice job with the trim. 

We opted for a craftsman style white trim that looks really nice against the wood. Painting it was tricky but Shannon and her mom Claire did a great job.



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Pocket door and hardwood floors

getting some more of the finishings done was definitely helping make the house feel more like a home. A huge thanks to friend Jerry Walker who came and blew my mind with his floor installing expertise and effeciency. It was very generous of him to come and help.

The hardwood floor was purchased at Second Use in Seattle. It was left over from some other job. We felt like it was a great deal and are really happy with how beautiful the floor is.


Antique/old but very nice door. Soon to be painted white to match trim and cabinets.


Jerry swinging his hammer. 


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Stairs to loft – integrated into kitchen

I’m super excited that we finally got our loft stairs built. The stairs essentially replace a cabinet and then use another cabinet and the top of the fridge to get up to the loft. Should make sense when you see the pictures and video.

We installed our cooktop
Adding extra support for the cabinet… since we will be stepping on it.
Fun math figuring our how to cut our angled stair. Turns out things like inverse Sin and Pythagorean’s theorem really are useful.

There they are!


Admiring the work.
Nice top view.

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A super mega-update! Lights, bathroom, kitchen, and more.

So much has happened over the last couple months to make the tiny house really feel like it’s coming together. I’ve been bad about documenting it (too busy actually working on it) but here’s a recap:

All LED bulbs (expensive but low energy and last forever) and we just got the fixtures/sconces from Home Depot and we did some flush mount LED lights in the kitchen (almost like a recessed light).





Went with the fancy ones that hide the screws. Also we put dimmers on all the light switches.




Installed a low energy (400 watt) ceramic wall heater with a thermostat that should help us maintain the temp pretty well during most months. These work by having a big 2×2 ceramic surface that gets hot and it sits about an inch off the wall so cool air comes in between the panel and the wall at the bottom and then heats up and rises out the top as warm air.


Then we also installed the classic Dickinson Newport P900 propane fireplace that should provide some extra heat during the coldest months. I say should because currently it’s not actually working (bad thermocoupler). So I will either have to replace or repair it.IMG_2064.JPG




Put up white tile board. Went with tile board because it was easy. It looks better in real life than it does in the photo.IMG_1960.JPG

Got some caulking help on the tub from my sister-in-law and father-in-law. Thanks Kim and Ken!IMG_2081.JPG


Tiny sink and mirror.IMG_2108.JPG

Splendide vented washer and dryer combo unit. These are big in Europe and this kind has very good reviews so we are excited to try it. We found it in great condition on Craigslist.IMG_2103.JPG

On demand hot water heater.IMG_2104.JPG

Went with a vinyl fake wood floor for the kitchen and bathroom. These floors are very water resistant and easy to clean.IMG_2049-0.JPG


Ordered white cabinets through a company called Waypoint. We were lucky enough to have a connection and were able to get them wholesale. Otherwise we probably would have gone with IKEA. We were surprised but it actually makes the space feel bigger. I think the tall cabinets draw your eyes up.IMG_2089.JPG

Went with European style handle pulls and butcher block countertop (still needs to be installed).IMG_2092.JPG


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My wishlist

Been looking at cool space saving items that should work well in a Tiny House. This is my current wishlist.

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Feeling Generous?

Yes, it's true. I'm just a lowly school teacher. You probably have a fancy high-paying job with gobs of cash and no financial commitments. If you would like to donate to the project (even $5) I would be incredibly grateful. I'll let you know exactly what your donation helped me do with the house. And my tiny door will always be open to you.