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Well… we might have to move, or move out.  

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Living Tiny Legally Documentary

This video shows the extreme contrast between what has occurred in our situation and what the experience could have been. With each city council member interviewed I found myself longing for that kind of acceptance and the attitude that embraces constituents’

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Legal Update: Some Small Victories

Hi everyone. I wanted to write an update that covers what has happened so far to the best of my understanding. The long and the short of it is that we’re not kicked out of our tiny house, at least not

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New Video & Plans Update

Video update: A lot of people asked what it was like to live in the Tiny House with a baby. Now a year later, we thought we’d share our update. Enjoy! Plans/Fundraising Update: Also, a lot of people asked if

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From Garden to Table

When we moved into the tiny house we planted our first garden. We planted snap peas, lettuce, basil, potatoes, onions, green beans, carrots, and spaghetti squash. We also have blueberries and blackberries and apples becoming edible too. Last night we

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Interview on Micro-Maisons

Bénédicte of (a french tiny house blog) asked to interview us, so we obliged. See the interview here (if you use Google Chrome it can translate it for you easily).

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Settling in… deck and fence

Now that we have settled in we decided to make the exterior space a little more appealing. We did this by adding a fence and a deck! Fence First we decided to add a little fence to make the tiny

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New futon = improved tiny house functionality

We decided to change things up in the living room. Before we were using a knopparp loveseat from Ikea. It was nice because it was really small and cheap. Unfortunately it wasn’t very comfortable and we didn’t really have a

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Our Tiny House Tour video

Now that we’ve been in the Tiny House for a few months we finally spent some time putting together this video tour of the house. Enjoy!

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Tiny House Chat

A few weeks ago on the podcast Casting Pod with Pete and Andy, I was interviewed by Andy all about the Tiny House. I thought I’d share. Also, if you enjoyed that chat, you should consider subscribing to the

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