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Settling in… deck and fence

Now that we have settled in we decided to make the exterior space a little more appealing. We did this by adding a fence and a deck! Fence First we decided to add a little fence to make the tiny

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A super mega-update! Lights, bathroom, kitchen, and more.

So much has happened over the last couple months to make the tiny house really feel like it’s coming together. I’ve been bad about documenting it (too busy actually working on it) but here’s a recap: Lights: All LED bulbs

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Big update (plumbing, insulation and more)

I’ve been working on a lot of fun stuff worth the tiny house this summer. Roughing in all the systems: plumbing, electrical, propane. In this post I’ll cover plumbing and insulation. As far as plumbing waste we opted to use

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More floor!

Part of our plan for the tiny house was to raise the floor above the wheel wells to provide storage under the floor. We started off but putting down a subfloor along the whole house so that the storage area

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Painted exterior

After finishing the roof we were finally ready to paint the house to more-or-less finish up the exterior. We were shooting for a grayish blue, and decided on “thistle blue” with “dove white” for the trim. When we got to

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Finally! A roof over our heads.

It took a few weeks due to inclement weather and a shortage of metal flashing but at long last there is a roof on the tiny house.  It was thrilling to put the last piece in place and realize that

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Windows and House Wrap

Over the weekend I was able to get the windows and door installed and also covered the sheathing with house wrap to serve as a vapor barrier (and also to help protect the house from the elements). Three of the

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I spent about 3-4 days working on the wall and roof sheathing. Thankfully my dad was around to help for quite a bit of it. This was a new process for us and took a little bit of time (and

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Tiny House Expenses Update

Hi all, a new voice for this post from the About Us section of the blog. I’m Shannon, Peter’s fiancé (yes, we got engaged so that’s a fun recent development) and lately I’ve been asking him about tracking expenses. “Is

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There are sticks on the trailer!

The project has officially transitioned from a trailer to a house. After hundreds of hours doing things that you couldn’t really see (researching, designing, drawing, fixing the trailer, etc.) it’s hard to explain how rewarding it was to actually get

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