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Fender Update

A big thanks to our friend Darrell Leber who has donated 3-4 days of work helping me weld this trailer into a structural beast. Yesterday he helped me finish welding the steel panels to the fender frame. Now I just

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Insulating the floor

According to and a pretty official looking map/chart they had, the recommended R value for a floor in my region (WA) and most other regions I’m interested in is 25. Because my space will be so small I assume

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Quick Update – Fenders are ready to be welded


I’ve been away from the trailer for a couple weeks. While it has been fun to attend my cousin’s wedding, get a good curriculum work session in with my uncle, catch up on work, and go camping at Lake Chelan…

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Weekend 8 – New Design and More Fenders

First of all — I have redesigned the house a little bit based on some feedback I have received. Please check out the new tiny house design¬†and let me know what you think. This weekend was a little uneventful in

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Weekend 7: Fenders (a.k.a. we finally built something)

This weekend we got a lot of work done on the trailer. While in the past much of our efforts were spent reducing the trailer to its base and fixing pieces that were already there, this weekend we actually got

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Weekend Six Extension

Since this is a three day weekend of course we had another day to work on the trailer. ¬†After breaking our second 1/2″ breaker bar trying to take wheel lug nuts off we scoured the county for a 3/4″ deep

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Weekend 6: More than brakes

We started out this weekend raring to finish the brakes. This meant rebuilding them, replacing some parts, cleaning them, and cleaning them, and cleaning them some more. Turns out the seals were broken causing oil to leak into the brake

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Weekend 5: Brakes? (cont.)

We started this weekend by rewiring all the brakes. For some strange reason the wiring was strung together with cheap wire cramp after cheap wire cramp. And electrical tape to protect it. We were not impressed by this. We redid

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Weekend 4: Brakes?

Well this weekend I had hoped to wire up the brakes to make sure they were working and then paint the underside of the trailer (something I wasn’t looking forward to). Instead we didn’t get that much done. After heading

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Weekend 3: Cutting, Grinding, Painting

This weekend I got some more blades and finished cutting down the second fender. I also got out the angle grinder with a cutting disc in order to remove more metal that was welded to the trailer.   After removing

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