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A super mega-update! Lights, bathroom, kitchen, and more.

So much has happened over the last couple months to make the tiny house really feel like it’s coming together. I’ve been bad about documenting it (too busy actually working on it) but here’s a recap: Lights: All LED bulbs

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Tiny House Table Design

We finally got the wood (knotty pine tongue and groove) for our walls and ceiling. It needs to spend a few days acclimating to the humidity levels here before we can install it. This is so that it doesn’t shrink

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tiny house sink

Searching Craigslist last weekend we found a 1950s metal sink kitchenette thing that caught our interest. We thought it was unique and interesting, and it would also save us some money so we decided to go for it. It is

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Tiny House – Sofa

Often in tiny houses I see something that bothers me: sitting areas that do not look comfortable. Also I often see tiny houses with two separate seats. I personally want to be able to lounge comfortably in my tiny house

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Tiny House Refrigerator

Here are the fridge options we are considering. 1) Mid-sized Fridge + Freezer. I’m partial to having the freezer on the bottom because it’s used less. The primary downside that I can think of is that it just takes up

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Tiny House Heating

I’ve been considering options for heating my tiny house and here are the initial three options that I’m considering: 1) Ductless Wall-Mounted Advantages: Does both heat and AC, mounts on a wall without the need for ducts, supposed to be

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Tiny House Ovens/Ranges

I love to cook and really want a range option in my tiny house. Here are some options I am considering. 1) A small cooktop and a larger toaster oven. This has the benefit of adding flexibility with how the

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Tiny House Toilet

Bathroom We’ve decided that we’re going to go with the holding tank option for our toilet. We looked into the composting toilets and the incinerator toilets, but those seem a little scary. We’re not sure if we’ll always be staying

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