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This chapter is coming to a close.

The Tiny House is now EXTRA living Space rather than THE living space. Despite Appeals, attorneys and several formal conversations with town’s leadership, The Town of Steilacoom has determined we must go. With time, knowledge, money and energy not on

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Well… we might have to move, or move out.  

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Living Tiny Legally Documentary

This video shows the extreme contrast between what has occurred in our situation and what the experience could have been. With each city council member interviewed I found myself longing for that kind of acceptance and the attitude that embraces constituents’

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Will Town of Steilacoom allow us teachers to stay for school year?

We’ve been asked to share contact info for our town council so those who support us can address their concerns with the people that have the power to send us packing or let us stay. That info is below this

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Steilacoom won’t wait for 2017 review, kicking us out now

While in Portland for a couple days for Peter to continue his collaboration on curriculum development with a fellow art teacher, we received a call from a reporter asking for our “response to Paul’s letter”. My heart sank the minute

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Visit with the News Tribune

We had a great visit with Brynn and Peter from the TNT. They spent two hours with us and I commend them for a great story that investigated the details. Front page news! Read the story here.    

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Tiny House legal update

Big night tonight… The Town of Steilacoom planning commission is going to be presented with a new ordinance that would prevent us from calling Steilacoom home as tiny house dwellers. We made this video to share the details of what’s

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New Video & Plans Update

Video update: A lot of people asked what it was like to live in the Tiny House with a baby. Now a year later, we thought we’d share our update. Enjoy! Plans/Fundraising Update: Also, a lot of people asked if

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A baby in a tiny house? Yes, it is possible.

Today I received an email from a mother of a 6 month old who is about to move into their Tiny  House. She had questions ranging from storage to laundry to how the heck do naps work??? I was so

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A List of Baby Likes and Dislikes

HE. IS. SIX. MONTHS. OLD. I am pretty sure that I echo every mother ever when I say, “How did this happen? How is my baby already six months old?”  Let’s quickly recap by highlighting Hart’s likes and dislikes. I like road-tripping.

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