Living Tiny Legally Documentary

This video shows the extreme contrast between what has occurred in our situationĀ and what the experience could have been. With each city council member interviewed I found myself longing for that kind of acceptance and the attitude that embraces constituents’ approach to community-centered solutions. I wish Steilacoom would sit down and have a conversation with us about what we could do to stay here instead of what appears so far to be a simple and very direct “no”.

I continue to feel hopeful that the right thing will result. I know there is a shortage of affordable housing. I know there is a lack of options for people to get out of debt. I know there is a drain on our resources and that we all need to make less of a footprint. What I don’t know, is why the town would rather have us gone than listen to us.

I love what I’ve known about this community and every conversation I’ve had with neighbors over the last 5 years. I just believe that something will happen where we’ll be welcomed. I have faith in you, Steilacoom! You can do it!

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