This chapter is coming to a close.

The Tiny House is now EXTRA living Space rather than THE living space. Despite Appeals, attorneys and several formal conversations with town’s leadership, The Town of Steilacoom has determined we must go. With time, knowledge, money and energy not on our side, we’ve made the decision to leave. We are moving into our main house with Peter’s sister, Kim, for now. More on that in a minute but first, a few things about how we feel right now.

  1. It doesn’t appear that any general resident has the resources to actually change a Town’s decision. If your town wants you to stop doing something, and you’re of average means, you’re probably going to be forced to comply.
  2. Elections are important! That is our chance to speak. Perhaps we can make changes on that level in the community we find ourselves in next (or if we’re fortunate enough to stay here).
  3. This view that different is wrong cannot be right. Our friends are buying $500,000 2 BD, 1BA homes just 50 miles north of here in Seattle. A change to housing is needed and a change to housing is most certainly coming. I only wish our town leadership would have chosen to embrace, rather than shut-out, the future.

All that said, we’ve determined we’ll likely need another house sooner or later so we’ve started house hunting to see if we can find a solution that might work better for our family — Kim included. One thing we’ve learned from our time living in the Tiny House is how much we value this taste we’ve had of community living. Even if it is just with one sister (and her loving besties Bri and Amelia of course!), having someone who loves you and cares for you living right there with you really is irreplaceable–especially with kids. When I think over the last 19 months of Hart’s life, and the help Kim has been on many a child-care, family emergencies, and just mom-needs-a-minute times, I believe I would be in different health had it not been for the relief and security she has given us by living with us. I look at my dear friends who are here through the military in a new place, completely on their own (like so many families everywhere) doing it all with NO family. While they are brave and strong to be doing it on their own, t doesn’t seem to be how life is meant to live. Now that I’ve tasted life with family, I want to preserve it.

Wherever we land next, the Tiny House will be in tow. At the very least, it serves as great additional space and a guest suite. We will forever treasure these two years we had in our Tiny Home.  And, finally, Hart hasn’t known any other home. There were moments where we had to get strategic and clever to make the life of a newborn, infant, crawler, cruiser and now full on toddler possible for sure but I think today we’re all the better for it. If you’re thinking of going Tiny, don’t let your doubts or other doubters stop you. Here’s to the next chapter in our adventure!

Here are some of the last photos taken during our Tiny House journey.



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2 comments on “This chapter is coming to a close.
  1. Joey McManus says:


    I’ve been following your story and I’m one of many I’m sure that is sad to hear this news. Thank you Shannon and Peter for sharing your story. I admire your commitment to living a simpler kind of life. Although my family and I don’t live in a tiny home we still cherish the quality time we spend with each other. Hope all is well Shannon, I’m very happy to see you’ve found such happiness in life with your awesome family. 😉


    • Shannon Johnson says:

      Thank you, Joey! I hope you are well too. I got together with the LSHS gals just last night. Those were great years. I am so thankful that I ended up in your part of the world back then and got to benefit from your friendship. My mom still talks about you guys — and the chaos you brought — all the time! :-)

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