Tiny House legal update

Big night tonight… The Town of Steilacoom planning commission is going to be presented with a new ordinance that would prevent us from calling Steilacoom home as tiny house dwellers.

We made this video to share the details of what’s been happening. We love this town so much and believe that the planning commission will make a wise determination that wouldn’t simply outlaw our way of life.

Now I want to take a moment and share why it means so much to me that we can stay in Steilacoom. I am the wife of a wonderful man. Peter cares for his family well while also putting so much time and effort into his students and the curriculum he’s developed. Steilacoom is a wealthier community with few affordable homes for a young family. If it wasn’t for the tiny house, we wouldn’t have been able to have been living here this whole time. There are countless evenings and weekends where Peter is putting in extra time with students. If we didn’t live IN the community he simply couldn’t do it. The incredible success of his award winning program and students is a result of us being part of this community. We love that he can do that and not have to sacrifice spending time with me and Hart. Often career and family do come into conflict and that’s a daily hardship for families everywhere. With Steilacoom and the tiny house, we’d found a way that makes both feasible. We’re hoping the town doesn’t make us choose one.

Finally, watch the first 5 seconds of the video at least because there is a hilariously terrified look on Hart’s cranky face.




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One comment on “Tiny House legal update
  1. Aleta says:

    It was lovely to meet you and your family tonight! We will continue to follow this journey and support you by showing up when needed. Tiny house solidarity! :)

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