Tiny House Refrigerator

Here are the fridge options we are considering.

1) Mid-sized Fridge + Freezer. I’m partial to having the freezer on the bottom because it’s used less. The primary downside that I can think of is that it just takes up space where you could have counter or something else. The size I’m considering here is about 9.2 cubic feet.

The affordable option ($512-$560):
fridge-closed fridge-open

The really cool but also really expensive retro option ($2,000… yikes!):
retro-closed retro


2. Built-in under the counter fridge. These give you more room in your house, more counter space, and hide the eye-sore that a fridges often are. Also they cost less. OF course they also provide a lot less room for refrigeration and have almost non-existent freezer space.

The classic options:

built in fridfe built in open
Here’s an interesting choice because of the two separate doors. A little more freezer space and a little less refrigerator, could definitely be a nice choice ($237)

edgstar built in


3. No Refrigerator. Sound crazy? Read these posts by Rowdy Kittens:

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