Will Town of Steilacoom allow us teachers to stay for school year?

We’ve been asked to share contact info for our town council so those who support us can address their concerns with the people that have the power to send us packing or let us stay. That info is below this post. The support you’ve all shown us is wonderful and SO appreciated.  In the meantime, here are some of Peter and my current thoughts and then of course… my personal emotions. :-)

I remember taking this photo from our first night staying here so clearly (maybe because I  was 7 months pregnant and getting comfortable in our new bed took a little maneuvering)! There have been so many emotions over the last few days. It is so hard to feel like the community you’ve poured yourself into doesn’t want you there. I admit it. I’ve  felt angry at moments… Not angry about there being a law that we’re being asked to follow (I like to think I’m a good, law abiding citizen), but rather how the situation was handled and how they’ve made us feel like criminals. “Exploiting” the codes as one town official put it.  Side note here: We attended two town hall meetings before moving into our Tiny House. We made public comment and we sent the town planner a letter asking that Tiny Houses be added to the comprehensive plan the town was currently undergoing. So to hear that we were “exploiting the codes” is not only hurtful, its inaccurate. We tried to include the town before our Tiny House journey even started.

The emotion that has been more common for me in all of this though is just feeling sad. I don’t want to leave. I don’t want a commute to separate our growing family. I don’t want my husband and I having to choose between family time and time investing in our students. Anyway, now that the school is starting and contracts are signed at Steilacoom High School (Peter) and North Thurston High School (me) our current hope is that the town will give  us a more reasonable timeframe to make these life changes. We feel that the end of the school year would allow us to be good employees, good teachers and still good parents. (I’ll be honest, there is part of me that wishes this had happened in June when we would have had options to sell, move and pursue jobs in other districts just for simplicity’s sake). At that time we’ll make a decision whether Steilacoom is still the place for us. If we stay and move into the big house, we will be strong advocates throughout the town’s planned 2017 review of Tiny Houses.

Below is the contact information for the city council members. Also included is Town Administrator, Paul Loveless and Town Planner, Doug Fortner as they are influential in policy making.

City Planner, Doug Fortner
email: doug.fortner@ci.steilacoom.wa.us

Town Administrator, Paul Loveless
email: paul.loveless@ci.steilacoom.wa.us

Mayor Ron Lucas
phone: 253-588-6217
email: ron.lucas@ci.steilacoom.wa.us

Pete Franklin
Phone: 253-584-0808
Email pete.franklin@ci.steilacoom.wa.us

Marion Smith
Phone: 253-589-8534
email: marion.smith@ci.steilacoom.wa.us

Steve Stovall
Phone: 253-582-5481
email: steve.stovall@ci.steilacoom.wa.us

Nancy Henderson
Title: Council Member
Phone: 253-584-7284
email: nancy.henderson@ci.steilacoom.wa.us

Fred Crumley
Phone: 253-584-4776
email: fred.crumley@ci.steilacoom.wa.us

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One comment on “Will Town of Steilacoom allow us teachers to stay for school year?
  1. Vince Adams says:

    Just seen your video on legal problems; you’ve probably already seen it, but I just watched a pretty good video, Living Tiny Legally: Part 1, by Tiny House Expeditions on the subject that might give you some ideas on how to proceed. Maybe the towns that have already developed “Tiny House” friendly codes could share their codes with you???

    I hope it works out; I work in environmental and see tiny homes as a way to reduce our footprint in the environment as well as being great for community building. I personally think that communities (leadership) that adopt tiny home friendly codes are forward thinking enough to keep their communities successful.

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